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Pie Society Pizza Virginia Beach


Experience the best of Pie Society Pizza at your next event! Whether you're hosting a gathering at your home or a special occasion at a venue, we're passionate about catering to your needs. Indulge in our handcrafted Neo/Neapolitan pizzas, expertly prepared by our skilled pizzaiolo, Corey DiGiovanni, and our dedicated staff. Choose from our flexible setup options, including our pop-up station or our unique, custom pizza trailer. Elevate your event with top-tier service and unforgettable flavors from Pie Society Pizza.


From your own backyard or business property to private event spaces, we deliver the exceptional service synonymous with Pie Society Pizza. Whether it's a graduation celebration, wedding reception, real estate event, retirement party, corporate function, or social gathering, we've got you covered! 

Pie Society Pizza Virginia Beach
Pie Society Pizza Virginia Beach


Option 1: A "pizza buffet" always makes a great choice. You pre-select your preferred pies, and we ensure the buffet stays stocked. As pizza slices start to vanish, we promptly replace them with fresh, hot, and delicious pizzas!

Option 2: Alternatively, we can offer your guests the chance to order their own pie from our catering menu (with pie selections made by you in advance). While this option is also excellent, for larger groups, there might be a wait time for their pizzas.

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