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Corey DiGiovanni, a seasoned Pizzaiolo with roots in New York, is the visionary behind Pie Society Pizza, driven by his deep-seated love for the craft. From his upbringing in New York to his current home in Virginia Beach, Corey has brought his passion for pizza to a new audience.

At just fourteen years old, Corey began his journey as a pizza maker at a local pizzeria in Hopewell Junction, NY, renowned for its thin-crust, Sicilian, and calzone specialties. Spending his weekends perfecting his skills alongside seasoned veterans, Corey absorbed their expertise. Despite navigating through various career paths, his desire to delve into the rich tapestry of pizza-making knowledge remained strong. Armed with decades of experience and an unwavering passion for pizza, Corey embarked on his own culinary journey. He gained recognition on social media as "Pizzaiolo Da Casa" (pizza chef at home). Hosting numerous backyard pizza parties and social gatherings, Corey turned his hobby into a thriving endeavor, serving up authentic New York and Detroit-style pies to friends and neighbors for tips. As demand skyrocketed, the prospect of establishing an official business became inevitable.

Now, alongside his wife, Jill DiGiovanni, Corey has brought Pie Society Pizza to life in Virginia Beach. A collaborative effort involving supportive family members and friends, the venture has blossomed into a true family affair. You can catch Pie Society Pizza most weekends at local breweries, and they're also available for catering and special events.

Pizzaiolo Da Casa - Pizza for framily

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